A specialist in Mechanical product design. Our mind set is to support our customers and partners to create and maximize their business value through having an excellent product creation process (PCP).

We team up with our customer and partner to maximize their business value by offering:

  • Better product design quality, that first off tool is fit for production
  • Faster time to market, that a working prototype is not needed to verify the design
  • Connecting them to the right partners, that the weakest link of their value chain can be strengthen.

This commitment is build on rock solid foundation of our key founders expertise. Both jointly have cumulated more than 40 years of product design, manufacturing, product quality and reliability experience. Beside technical, their expertise also covers product costing and business management. These expertises allow Mdesign Solutions to approach issues with perspective and in totality. Problems get resolved and stop here and not transform into another dimension. Opportunity get realize here and the business value maximize.

We promise a peace of mind for our Customers and Partners.

Our Integrity is the corner stone for their peace of mind. Our passion for product design is the pillars for our Integrity.

Our portfolio covered more than 200 projects that completed with total satisfaction from our customers.

Innovation capacity is not lacking in this team, 2 patents have been filed and pending final approval with more innovative concepts being developed.

Our vision is offering solution with great simplicity and being a prudent and humble agency in using resources.